Coral Gables City Guide Florida

Coral Gables, known as “The City Beautiful,” is a historic city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is famous for its Mediterranean-style architecture and tree-lined boulevards.

  1. Establishment: Coral Gables was established in the 1920s by George Merrick, a real estate developer who envisioned a planned community with a distinct architectural style and lush landscapes.
  2. History: The city’s development began in the 1920s during the Florida land boom. It quickly became one of the nation’s first planned communities, with strict architectural and zoning regulations to maintain its unique character.
  3. Population: Coral Gables has a population of approximately 50,000 residents, with a diverse and well-educated community.
  4. Attractions:
  • The Biltmore Hotel: A historic luxury hotel built in 1926, featuring beautiful architecture, a golf course, and a large swimming pool.
  • Venetian Pool: A unique public swimming pool created from a coral rock quarry, with waterfalls and grottos.
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: A stunning 83-acre garden showcasing rare tropical plants, with walking trails and educational exhibits.
  • Miracle Mile: A shopping district featuring boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, perfect for strolling and shopping.
  • University of Miami: A prestigious private university with a beautiful campus, located in Coral Gables.
  1. Events & Festivals:
  • Coral Gables Festival of the Arts: An annual event featuring fine art, sculpture, photography, and more from local and international artists.
  • Giralda Under the Stars: A monthly event where restaurants on Giralda Avenue offer outdoor dining and live music under the stars.
  • Coral Gables Food, Wine & Spirits Festival: A culinary event showcasing local restaurants, wineries, and breweries.
  1. Accommodation Alternatives: Coral Gables offers a variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels like the Biltmore Hotel to boutique hotels and vacation rentals. There are also several mid-range hotels and bed & breakfast options available.
  2. Food & Dining: Coral Gables is known for its diverse dining scene, featuring a mix of international cuisines and local favorites. The city boasts award-winning restaurants, casual eateries, and charming cafes, offering options for every taste and budget.
  3. Fun Facts:
  • Coral Gables was one of the locations used in the 1983 film “Scarface.”
  • The city has more than 40 public parks and green spaces, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining a lush and green environment.
  • Coral Gables is home to the historic Coral Gables Merrick House, the childhood home of the city’s founder, George Merrick.

Coral Gables is a charming and historic city that offers visitors a unique experience, with its beautiful architecture, lush landscapes, and vibrant dining scene. Its proximity to Miami makes it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors looking for a more relaxed, suburban atmosphere while still having access to the attractions and amenities of a larger city.