Country Club City Guide Florida

Country Club is a suburban community located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Although it is not an incorporated city, it offers a variety of recreational opportunities and amenities for residents and visitors.

  1. Establishment: Country Club was established as a planned residential community in the 1970s, designed to provide a comfortable suburban lifestyle with easy access to the amenities of the nearby cities.
  2. History: The community has evolved since its inception, with a focus on residential development and the establishment of local services and amenities.
  3. Population: Country Club has a population of approximately 47,000 residents, with a diverse community that includes people of various cultural backgrounds and age groups.
  4. Attractions:
  • Country Club of Miami: A beautiful golf course offering two 18-hole courses, a driving range, and a pro shop.
  • Miramar Regional Park: A large park located nearby, featuring a water park, sports fields, and picnic areas.
  • Amelia Earhart Park: Another nearby park offering various recreational opportunities, including biking, fishing, and watersports.
  1. Events & Festivals: Country Club is primarily a residential area, and as such, it doesn’t have many events or festivals. However, residents can enjoy various events and festivals in the nearby cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, such as Art Basel Miami, Calle Ocho Festival, and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
  2. Accommodation Alternatives: There are limited accommodation options within the Country Club itself, but nearby cities like Miami Lakes and Hialeah offer a variety of hotels, motels, and vacation rentals to suit different budgets and preferences.
  3. Food & Dining: Country Club offers various dining options, including chain restaurants and local eateries, serving American, Latin American, and international cuisines. More extensive dining options can be found in the nearby cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
  4. Fun Facts:
  • Country Club is located near the historic Opa-locka Airport, which played a significant role during World War II as a military training base.
  • The community is just a short drive away from the famous Everglades National Park, offering a unique opportunity to explore Florida’s natural beauty.

While Country Club itself is mainly a residential area, it provides an excellent base for exploring the greater Miami-Dade County area and enjoying the attractions, events, and dining opportunities available in South Florida.